Council Meetings

Parish Council Meetings

Everyone is welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings. They normally (but not always!) take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month (starting January), at 7.00 pm.

An agenda is placed on the home page of the Parish website in the week preceding a meeting. When members of the public are present, meetings will commence with an Open Forum to provide an opportunity for them to address the Parish Council about any matter on the agenda or about any other subject which is important to them. They have an allocated time of three minutes to speak.

Dates of future Parish Council Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th March 2023 at 7pm, in the Foyer of St Stephen’s Church, Lansdown Road, Bath BA1 5SX.
If you are a member of the public and would like to participate in this meeting please email the Clerk at for a meeting invitation, not less than 24 hours in advance. Members of the public are welcome to address the Council at the beginning of the meeting for an allocated time of three minutes.

Presenting your planning proposal

Full details of planning applications can be found on the B&NES Planning Website.

We are always happy to discuss planning applications with Parish applicants. It must be emphasised that the Parish Council is only a consultee in the planning process and that the final decision rests with the B&NES Planning Authority.

Where appropriate, we will ask our Ward Councillors to request that an application is brought to the Development Management Committee for determination and we will make representation at the relevant Committee Meeting (Parish Councils get 3 minutes to speak).

Clover Charlcombe Parish