The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 5th July 2022, at 7.00pm, at Lansdown and Langridge Village Hall. The agenda for the Parish Council Meeting will be posted here about a week before the meeting.
If you are a member of the public and would like to participate in the meeting, please email the Clerk at charlcombepc@gmail.com no less than 24 hrs prior to the meeting.

Draft minutes can be read here from the AGM: 10th May 2022 Draft AGM Minutes and May Parish Council Meeting: 10th May 2022 Draft PC Minutes


Annual Parish Meeting- Wednesday 18th May

All residents of Charlcombe Parish are invited to the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 18th May in the Lansdown and Langridge Village Hall starting at 7pm.

This is an opportunity to meet the parish councillors and hear about the parish council’s activities and how residents can get involved. The parish council meets several times a year to represent the community on matters including planning, highway safety and the maintenance of footpaths.

Residents will have the chance to ask questions or provide feedback on any topic that relates to or affects the parish of Charlcombe.

If you require any additional information, please contact the Parish Clerk by email via charlcombepc@gmail.com

Bathavon Forum Climate Group – Opportunity for Charlcombe Parish Involvement

Bathavon Forum Climate Group is now established and is setting up seven Working Groups (WGs) covering:

  • Natural Environment (Nature Protection)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Housing & Home Energy
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Food & Waste
  • Communications & Education
  • Health & Well-Being

Charlcombe Parish Council can nominate two WG members. WG members will need to liaise with the Parish Council about their input but they do not need to be Parish Councillors.
Charlcombe Parish Council would like to hear from anyone in the Parish who might like to get involved and become a WG member. Please send expressions of interest to the Parish Clerk at charlcombepc@gmail.com by 30th April, giving your name and which WG is of most interest.

Staying safe around livestock when out walking

Responsible dog walking campaign Graeme Hall 053_77811

The National Farmers Union website  https://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/care-for-the-countryside/countryside-code/ provides some excellent guidance for how to keep safe and to enjoy your time out walking in the countryside. It includes a video giving specific advice about walking with your dog near livestock.

Woodland Advisory Service and Tree Planting Fund

The Forest of Avon Trust is an independent tree and woodland charity working across Bath and the wider Avon area. As part of our work over the last 12 years, we have provided professional advice to woodland owners and helped many to maintain or improve their woodlands.    

Working alongside the Bathscape community, we have been helping protect and restore the invaluable ancient woodlands in the region by providing a free woodland advisory service. As part of this work we can provide the following free services to woodland owners in your area:

  • Site visits and advice on all aspects of tree & woodland management and also tree planting; 
  • Preparation of Forestry Commission approved Woodland Management Plans & Felling Licences; 
  • Applications for Countryside Stewardship grants to manage, improve and plant woodlands; 
  • Applications for the Bathscape Landscape Conservation Grant to improve woodlands and to various grants for tree planting;
  • Links to local volunteers to undertake small-scale woodland improvements; and 
  • Links to timber users, businesses and contractors.  

We also have a Tree Planting Fund which maybe of interest to landowners in the area. Find out more via  info@forestofavontrust.org

One farm through one centuary

An opportunity to hear about life at Manor Farm in Langridge going back to 1917 via this Bathscape Podcast https://footprints.captivate.fm/episode/105-years-at-manor-farm-langridge
It’s very interesting, going from pre-mechanisation to war-time to modernisation. The current owners describe their successful Emorsgate seeds business.

Healthy Start Scheme

Eat eight fruit & vegetable portions to feel happier, study says

The Healthy Start scheme offers eligible people a pre-paid card to go towards the cost of certain types of milk, infant formula, fruit and vegetables for the value of:

  • £4.25 each week of pregnancy from the 10th week
  • £8.50 each week for children from birth to 1 year old
  • £4.25 each week for children between 1 and 4 years old

Beneficiaries can also get free vitamins with their card. In B&NES, these are currently available at Children’s Centres.

Note that the digital pre-paid card has replaced Healthy Start vouchers. For more information, view: https://www.healthystart.nhs.uk/

Bath Preservation Trust – New Quick Guide to Energy Efficiency in Old Homes
B PT has released its new quick guide on how old homes can help cut carbon emissions, as an update on our existing energy efficiency guidance in Warmer Bath. This new publication includes a number of helpful no cost and low cost tricks and tips to reduce energy usage whilst keeping old homes warmer, and is intended to empower residents to make changes this coming winter with minimal risk to historic fabric. You can find the guidance available via our website: https://www.bath-preservation-trust.org.uk/new-quick-guide-from-bpt-advises-how-all-old-homes-can-help-cut-carbon/

Free Trees for Planting Projects
We work with lots of wildlife trusts, community woodlands and community farms around the UK, supplying them with free trees for their nature reserves, rewilding projects, etc.
Would you like free trees from us for any of your tree planting projects? 
We generally supply a minimum of 150 trees for projects but we can be fairly flexible. The trees are all UK native species, grown from UK seed and can be supplied with free shelters, stakes, weed mats, etc. You’ll find lots more info, our criteria and our tree request form here https://eforests.co.uk/freetrees
While we prefer to work with nature reserves / community woodlands / community farms, we can possibly supply trees for private landowners that you work with that have public access to their land.

Village Agent Recruitment for Bathavon North
Would you like to join a team of part-time (10-14 hours a week) village agents, passionate about helping people, community minded and ready to support individuals and also any emerging local groups?
The success of the scheme lies in recruiting from within the villages and rural communities and more details can be found here .

We are in our 11th year of delivering this free and confidential service to rural residents and that became even more vital during the lockdowns of 2020-21. Our service is busier than ever as more people come forward with unmet needs made worse by restrictions, services going online and fewer places to go to discuss issues face to face. We listen and coax people towards accepting help they never thought they would need. By signposting and hand-holding them through complex pathways, we are able to significantly improve the lives of many.