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Charlcombe Toad Crossing

Charlcombe has one of the country’s major toad migration routes. ECharlcombe Toad Crossing Volunteersvery year toads, frogs and newts migrate down the hillside from the surrounding fields to their breeding grounds at a nearby lake. They have to cross Charlcombe Lane and because they travel slowly and there are few openings onto the fields, in the past there was considerable carnage with many of the amphibians being killed by passing traffic.

Since 2003, Charlcombe Lane has been closed to through traffic for six weeks during February and March, the peak of the breeding season, to reduce the chances of the amphibians being killed by passing traffic and to enable volunteers to collect up toads, frogs and newts from the road and release them safely further down the hillside.

In a typical year around 1,500 toads, 1000 frogs and 500 newts frogs are helped on their way. Volunteers from all over Bath take part.

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