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Financial Administration

The Local Government Act 1972 requires Parish Councils to make arrangements for proper financial administration. In Charlcombe, the Clerk to the Parish Council is the Responsible Financial Officer and advises the council on financial management. The main responsibilities are:

  • To maintain financial records and administer the Council’s finances.
  •  To ensure compliance with Financial Regulations and to recommend revisions where necessary.
  • To prepare a draft budget for the Council’s consideration. To monitor spend against budget and, if necessary, invite the Council to review the budget.
  • To prepare records for internal and external audit purposes and the exercise of electors’ rights as required by law.
  • To reclaim VAT expenditure where appropriate.
  • To ensure that, when appropriate, adequate PAYE systems are in place for employees and that Tax and National Insurance contributions are submitted to HMRC.
  • To ensure that the Council’s insurance obligations are met.
  • To maintain an asset register.

Further details can be found in Charlcombe Parish Council's Financial Regulations. The Financial Regualtions are reviewed annually,

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