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Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 it is the duty of every Parish Council to adopt and maintain a publication scheme to facilitate the release of information which will provide greater openness and transparency.

Charlcombe Parish Council has developed the Charlcombe Parish Council Publication Scheme based on the model publication scheme approved by the Information Commissioner. The scheme describes what information can be routinely accessed, where the information can be found, how to go about getting the information and whether there are charges involved.

The Procedures which Charlcombe Parish Council will follow in responding to a request for information can be viewed under Freedom of Information Procedures.

 Charlcombe Parish Council has a duty to protect any personal data that it holds, although in practice such data is very limited. The Council undertakes to comply with the Guide to Data Protection issued by the Information Commissioner's Office, relevant extracts of which are included in the Council's Data Protection Policy. This will be updated following the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) which come into force in May 2017. Since the Government has yet to finalise and publish the GPDR, the full extent  of the new requirements is unclear, other than that every Council will be required to appoint a Data Protection Officer who must have expert knowledge of data protection law and practices and be independent of the Council. Where such individuals are to be found and what the cost of their employment will be to the public purse is as yet unknown.

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